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HR Manager Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

HR Manager Interview - Essay Example Ahmed has held these positions since 1999. He also holds a Masters degree in Economics. Ayoub was born and raised in Jordan. He is currently in the positions of training manager and acting human resources manager. Ayoub has attained a Masters degree in Economics. In 1993, Ayoub moved to Qatar and have thus been working for the Qatar International Islamic Bank for over 15 years. One of the driving factors that led Ayoub to a career in human resources management was that it is a wide open field and much enjoyment can be received from it. Ayoub’s strengths in the human resources department are that he is well-organized, shows great leadership qualities, displays intuition, and tries to get the most out of fellow coworkers. One of the biggest challenges that Ayoub has faced during his career was when he was picked to work in the finance department. Unfortunately, his background in accounting was very weak. To remedy this problem, he took immediate action to gain as much knowledge as he could in a relatively short space of time. In his current role, Ayoub is in charge of imposing the bank’s policies of the human resources department. One thing that Ayoub mentioned was the key stages in the recruitment process of a human resources department. The first thing is to advertise the job far and wide so that many highly skilled candidates can apply. The next step is to sort out all of the CVs based on the job description. Qualifications and experience are also key things to consider. A shortlist then needs to be made and phone interviews conducted with each candidate on the list. Once this list can be shortened down, each of the remaining candidates can be given a face-to-face interview. The final decision is then made after each of the final candidates has been interviewed in person. Ayoub said that when it comes to stress in the workplace, the key is to develop existing support systems to make them more efficient. Specialization

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Reflection paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reflection paper - Essay Example One of my married friends often finds faults in the actions of his wife such as being a nagger when he himself drinks a lot. Most likely, marriage counselors hear the social exchange theory most of the time when a spouse says that â€Å"I am tired of doing all the work in this marriage†. It is but typical for couples to present themselves socially desirable especially when they are faced with counselors. They never want to be blamed for a failed relationship in the first place. On larger groups such as sports teams, a coach is needed who can objectively assess the game since the players would have a tendency to blame each other. Anchors would often be used to categorize team members who made the team win last season as against who made it lose this time. Although social psychology is basically ordinary psychology, it can contribute a lot in analyzing organizational behavior. It is not just interesting but very educational as well. â€Å"The self† is what we refer to as our own selves; our own separate identities. People see themselves in different cognitive dimensions called self-concepts. A self-concept is one’s definition of his or herself whether it is positive or otherwise. Many people see themselves in different forms of self concept. These concepts are manifested by the choice of clothes a person wears and the way they speak to others. This can give access to knowing a person’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is an emotional dimension of self-awareness that is given by one’s self-value. There are people with high self-esteem who generally get along with other people and enjoy being in the spot-light. In contrast, those with low self-esteem tend to be more self-centered and timid. Self-conscious people tend to fall victim to the spotlight effect. The spotlight effect is when a person feels like they are being given more attention than they are being given in reality. In my experiences, I often feel the effects of the spotlight e ffect. The spotlight effect tends to intimidate me from my surroundings but other times it makes me feel like a star. The social self feels a yearning to belong. People will always try to find a niche for themselves in society. This is where they can find like-minded people with similar interests. The social self is the sense of self that takes over when in a social environment. Group standings also influence the actions of the social self whether it is conscious or sub-conscious. Some social selves are expressed through supplication. These people want to be seen as pathetic. Relatively, there are people who express themselves through ingratiation. These people try to gain others’ attention in order to satisfy their own petty. People who express themselves through self-promotion try to make themselves look good to others. These people tend to be show-offs and there are those who present themselves with exemplification. These people try to put on a mask to satisfy themselves o r others. I find this information to be interesting because I meet people who fit these characteristics every day. Social cognition is our perception of others. Social cognition can be shaped by external as well as internal influences. My expectations of others require that people must be fair to others treat everything and everyone with respect, but I know

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Discuss the various ways which Robert Swindells presents life in The streets of London Essay Example for Free

Discuss the various ways which Robert Swindells presents life in The streets of London Essay Im invisible see? One of the invisible people. Link, a young 16 year old boy from Bradford who is homeless, desperate to escape his Brutish stepfather feels that he has become an invisible outcast. Another quotation to support this is when Link says, They dont like reminding I exist. Link says this to show the reader that he is worthless uses this type of language to make the reader more aware of how difficult it is to live on the streets of London. Links character in the book also emphasises a feeling of coldness. An example of this is shown when link says, Also I kept seeing people I knew Neighbours. Guys Id even been at school with. I even saw one of my teachers once. And if you have ever been caught begging by someone who you knew before, you cant possibly know how low it makes you feel This also makes the reader think that Link has a very lo self esteem and is very depressed. Another quotation to support this is when Link says, I was one of them now poised at the top of that downward spiral. Kink says this making the reader understand how hard it is to be living on the streets. Shelter, the less predominant character in the novel, who is trying to rid the streets of homeless people uses subject specific Lexis to show the reader that he has a background in the army or has worked for the army. This is shown to the reader as Shelter always starts his chapters with, Daily routine orders. Link uses sarcasm to emphasise a point, for example, Good old Vince. After Describing Vince as a Brutish, evil stepfather who is a boozer and a bastard, Link says, Good old Vince. The author, Robert Swindells uses this to create an irony. At the beginning of page three Link mentions, Born March 20th 1977 to Mr Mrs X. Link says this to show the reader that he has forgotten the past and wants to get on with life. The main quotation to support and emphasise this is, Mr Mrs X. Another statement to support this is when Link says, I strode out of the station with my backpack and bedroll, and it felt like a new beginning. This also shows the reader that link was positive life would improve from what it was with Vince. Another quotation to support this is Nobody knows you. Where youre from and whats gone before. Thats youre business. One other quotation to support this is when Link chooses the name to give to Ginger he says, Link I said. Id seen it on this signpost earlier. Thames Link. Its a railway. Robert Swindells also uses various techniques to make living on the streets look very hard and scary. The reader is informed of this when Link says, Sad is what it is, Sad and scary. Youre leaving a place you know and heading into the unknown with nothing to protect you. This also informs the reader that this novel appears to be tragedy in many respects. Link feels very depressed after applying for many jobs in London and not getting any because he was homeless and was looking rough and scruffy, also looking like a tramp because of sleeping in the same clothes on the solid concrete floor. When Link started living on the streets of London he thought he was a hard boy who everyone would be terrified of after hitting an old bloke but his hopes were soon dashed after he was kicked out of his bedroom by the streetwise, tough person he wanted to be. An example of this is shown to us when Link mentions, this guy was what I was kidding myself Id become. Robert Swindells uses Shelters storyline as a very good way in which to present living on the streets of London. As Shelter goes around London looking for young and old people, whenever Shelter says, Hostel he always manages to get them to his house so that he can kill them. This shows the reader that homeless people are desperate for somewhere comfortable to sleep at. An example of this is when Shelter gets his first client, That got him hostelhe fell for it hook line and sinker. On page twenty-one Shelter also says, I am not a murderer at all Im a Soldier out of uniform, killing for his country. After killing a homeless person shelter mentions to the reader that he is not a murderer but a soldier killing for his country. This statement is not true as Shelter has murdered people who have done nothing to him and his country. Shelter thinks he is doing a good thing and is particularly careful about every step he takes. The author, Robert Swindells uses this to create an irony. As the reader gets deeper and deeper into the book, they start to grasp knowledge of Shelters storyline and start to know the feeling of how it is to be homeless and the different setbacks and failures it may have. The reader also learns not to stereotype homeless people.

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Reopening Old Wounds :: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay

Reopening Old Wounds Professor’s Comment: Bob’s essay is an intensely personal, admirably honest introspective examination of his repressed emotions concerning his parents divorce. I would cry, but that would be a pointless waste of energy. It’s one of those things that I envied my mother. In a flash she could go from the stoic lady of the house to a sobbing goose. I never understood how. I’d go from astonishment to disgust to envy. I take more after my old man. I’ve never seen him shed a single tear. Then again I’ve never really seen him smile either. I grin a lot. I was supposed to be in my home town right now, tossing back cold ones and laughing with my best and oldest friends. My schedule wouldn’t permit it, however. It’s probably for the best. It’s never a good idea to hit one’s home town in a poor mood. I’d probably just end up hanging around the main drag, pissed off my ass and yelling at cruisers. Chances are I would end up in jail, or calling an old girlfriend and reopening old wounds that should have healed years ago. I wonder which of those two prospects is worse. Instead of expressing my emotions as I should, I have withdrawn them and locked them away deep inside me. Rather than call a friend and talk, or go walking, or listen to records, or break things, I am in front of the computer, writing. It is a safe form of expression; if this gets too revealing or too corny, I can always delete the file, or password protect it, restricting access to me alone. So the question on my mind lately has been why. What happened and when that has left me so numb to my feelings? I’ve tried countless times to trace it back and pin it down to an event, to that key moment when I started down the path of self-imposed isolation. Of course, Freud would insist I failed the oral stage, the stage where trust and security develop. It occurs usually around the second year of life, when parents wean their child. If all goes well—according to Freud—the child tastes for the first time independence from his or her mother and begins to explore that independence.

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Kaleidoscope Strategy Resume Essay

Pursuing success can feel like shooting in a landscape of moving targets: Every time you hit one, five more pop up from another direction. We are under constant pressure to do more, get more, be more. But is that really what success is all about? Laura Nash and Howard Stevenson interviewed and surveyed hundreds of professionals to study the assumptions behind the idea of success. They then built a practical framework for a new way of thinking about success—a way that leads to personal and professional fulfillment instead of feelings of anxiety and stress. The authors’ research uncovered four irreducible components of success: 1.- happiness: (feelings of pleasure or contentment about your life); 2.- achievement (accomplishments that compare favorably against similar goals others have strived for); 3.- significance (the sense that you’ve made a positive impact on people you care about); and 4.- legacy (a way to establish your values or accomplishments so as to help others find future success). Unless you hit on all four categories with regularity, any one win will fail to satisfy. People who achieve lasting success, the authors learned, tend to rely on a kaleidoscope strategy to structure their aspirations and activities. This article explains how to build your own kaleidoscope framework. The process can help you determine which tasks you should undertake to fulfill the different components of success and uncover areas where there are holes. It can also help you make better choices about what you spend your time on and the level of energy you put into each activity. According to Nash and Stevenson, successful people who experience real satisfaction achieve it through the deliberate imposition of limits. Cultivating your sense of â€Å"just enough† can help you set reachable goals, tally up more true wins, and enjoy lasting.

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The Transition Times. Graduation Is One Example Of A Time

The Transition Times Graduation is one example of a time of celebration and honor. It is the reward you receive for multiple years of difficult work and perseverance. It is also an extremely bittersweet occasion because often times you are required to make difficult decisions. Decisions that could take you away from everyone and everything you have ever known. This is known as a time of transition. Honestly, it seems a bit anticlimactic that after all the emotions and preparation you do beforehand is all summarized within a few short hours. This is how the majority of my fellow upcoming graduates are feeling right now, but I do not. I believe that in order to better understand these monumental occasions of transition, you must first†¦show more content†¦During high school you form both positive and negative relationships with people and learn a various assortment of life lessons. If I challenged myself to choose my top three picks on what life lessons I have learned I would say freedom, responsibility, and tolerance. I say that I have learned the lesson of freedom simply owing to the fact that this was my first taste of freedom. When you receive your driver s license and car or you are able to date for the first time you feel the absolutely exhilarating unbridled feeling of freedom. This feeling blossoms and flourishes for only a moment, because then it has company. Freedom is joined by the always rational and logical emotion responsibility. Responsibility is like the notification that forces you to go home in time for your curfew or the friend you forces you to stop at the stop sign or to not drink and drive. When freedom and responsibility work together, you are safe and you also have a great time growing up. When the two emotions combine together your chances of living to adulthood increase dramatically. The last life lesson I chose is most definitely not the least important. I have become more tolerant of not only people and their decisions but als o with circumstances. This was not only the most difficult lesson I have had to learn, but it is the lesson that I am most thankful for due to the fact that I know that I will use it more and more frequently as I enter into the â€Å"real world†.Show MoreRelatedShould Seniors be Allowed to Skip School? Essay757 Words   |  4 Pages Graduation from high school is a rite of passage that signals passing from adolescence into the adult world. Life does not end after high school, but signals the beginning of many years as a contributing member of society. Many times, as part of this celebration, seniors have a tendency to skip classes and school days. School administrators frequently recommend that school boards adopt strict attendance policies for high school seniors. These policies limit their absences in the last monthRead MoreMy Own Education Beyond Class Time And Requirements Essay1053 Words   |  5 Pages1. How do you proactively engage in your own education beyond class time and requirements? If this has not been part of your practice so far, explain why you want to be involved in this major when this is going to be asked of you. I use my spare time drawing and looking at examples of artists or more specifically in my case cartoonist and graphic novelist. I look at their works as references and think things like â€Å"How did they do that?† or â€Å"How could I incorporate it into my own work. I also lookRead MoreThe Transition 2 Success Program Essay1328 Words   |  6 Pageseducation teacher who teaches language arts at Zumbro Education District-South Campus in Byron, Minnesota. Michelle is from Le Roy, Minnesota and attended Leroy-Ostrander high school. She earned a Master’s degree in special education, and after graduation she attended Buena Vista in Storm Lake, Iowa were she majored in psychology then switched to education her junior year. Later she moved to Owatonna, Minnesota and got a job at Zumbro Education District-South Campus. She now resides in RochesterRead MoreMost Of The High School Students Follow The Footsteps Of1032 Words   |  5 Pagesand planning, change of Universities and the unnecessary courses taken. (Anschuetz) The article goes in detail of how most of the students don’t graduate in the normal four-year time period. â€Å"Only 50 of the more than 580 public four-year intitutions have graduation rates above 50%.† (Anschuetz) The author argues that one of the main reasons why students tend to graduate later is due to lack of planning. The incoming freshman to the Universities attend college without having a set plan or goal, whichRead MoreGraduation Speech : A Rite Of Passage1527 Words   |  7 Pagesaction of marking one s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity. For many adolescent individuals in America, graduation is considered a rite of passage. Often, Americans couple graduation with a celebration of opening a new chapter of their life. Specifically, transitioning from a high school student to a graduate. In this essay I will explain what a rite of passage is and what graduation is. Also, I will discuss how graduation is approached asRead MoreFlorence Prescription760 Words   |  4 Pagesare dependent on my help. In order to do that successfully, I have to be fully committed to not only my patient but profession as well. Arriving to work on time, advocating for my patients, and making the correct choices when faced with ethical dilemmas are a few ways I can display commitment. The second is initiative. Florence is a prime example of why this is so important. When she knew conditions weren’t safe for soldiers during the Crimean War, Florence took the initiative to change the situationRead MoreGraduation Speech By Maya Angelou1566 Words   |  7 PagesFebruary 18, 2016 Graduation Graduation is a ceremony that almost every single person is familiar with, thus building the connection of the reader. Graduation is an important transition in one’s life. It represents an accomplishment and signifies moving on to something better, more important and the pathway to use one’s knowledge to achieve one’s life goals. It calls for a celebration along with a grand commencement among family, friends, and peers. Maya Angelou’s, â€Å"Graduation†, is about a youngRead MoreEssay On New Member Experience1421 Words   |  6 PagesThe chart to the right outlines the structure for education that falls under each pillar. The courses are meant to cover a variety of topics beyond the Kappa experience, including personal, professional and intellectual development. Below are some examples from our EME Learning Portal. Every Member Education is designed to meet the needs of each member at every stage of her life. Kappa shares your dedication to pro viding hands-on learning opportunities and to developing strong individuals who willRead MoreReflection On Solidarity Versus Charity893 Words   |  4 Pagessolidarity versus charity? Provide examples from your experience. When I think of solidarity and charity, they both appear very similar and there is no black and white answer. However, when I think of charity, I always think of giving to those who have less than you. It is this idea that you may have authority or higher power over someone less fortunate. When volunteering for a charity, there is this idea that anything a volunteer does will be helpful. An example of charity to me, would be donatingRead MoreTransition Interview : Susan Nixon, The Coordinator Of Learning And Programming At Old Dominion University Essay781 Words   |  4 Pages Transition Interview For my transition interview I interviewed Susan Nixon, who is the coordinator of learning and programming at Old Dominion University. Her job entails helping students with disabilities transition from high school to college. When students with disabilities are in high school they have an IEP or 504 to help them. However, when they come to college they no longer have an IEP, they become protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. During my interview with Ms. Nixon